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Delegate Dialog Directive Sample Project

What You Will Learn AWS Lambda Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Using the skill builder (beta) for required slots The delegate directive

What You Will Need Amazon Developer Portal Account Amazon Web Services Account The sample code on GitHub.

What Your Skill Will Do Focus on building the best voice experience, not error handling. The skill builder’s new dialog model reduces the amount of handling required in the skill endpoint (backend) to manage slot filling, prompts, and confirmations for a customer intent. All you have to do is respond with a Dialog.Delegate directive if the status in not complete. Alexa will manage the dialogs for you, greatly reducing the amount of handling needed by you to create a great experience. The "Plan my trip" sample asks the user questions about an upcoming trip they'd like to take. As a part of this Alexa will gather information about when the trip will start as well as where they'd like to leave from and go to. You'll learn how to use the skill builder to create the intents, utterances, and slots for this scenario. This code sample will also show you how to delegate the process of gathering the required slots to Alexa.


alexa-cookbook · GitHub

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