An Introduction to Google Chrome


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An Introduction to Google Chrome Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service and it provides features such as:

Getting Google Chrome 1. To get started with Google Chrome, you have to download it to your computer. To begin downloading, go to 2. Click Download Chrome.

3. Click Accept and Install. 4. Click Save File.

5. Double click the set up link to begin the downloading process. Click Run.

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6. After the download is complete, you will be prompted to log in to your Google Account and begin customizing your browser.

7. At the top of the screen, click Import bookmarks now. This will give you the option to import bookmarks in other browsers including Internet Explorer or Firefox.

8. Choose a browser to import bookmarks from, and then choose the items you wish to import to Google Chrome. Click Import.

Getting Started with Google Chrome After downloading Google Chrome, the icon for the browser will appear at the taskbar of your screen. Click the icon next to New Tab to open a new window to browse

Easily access Google tools as soon as you open the browser!

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1. Use the tools icon to open the tools menu. Here, you can view bookmarks, history, downloads, and adjust settings. Under the Settings option, modify the settings of Chrome.

Customize History, Extensions or Settings

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Making Google Chrome your Default Browser To make Google Chrome your default browser, under the Settings tab, under Default browser, select Make Google Chrome my default browser.

Setting the Homepage To set the home page, 1. Under the Settings tab, click Show Home button under Appearance.

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2. Select Change next to New Tab page.

3. Select Open this page, and then enter the address for your new home page. Click Ok.

4. Your new home page will appear under Show Home button. To change it, click Change.

5. The Home icon will now appear to the left of the address bar. Click here to advance to the home page at any time.

Working with Tabs To open a new tab for browsing, 1. Click the icon next to the open tab.

2. To arrange your tabs, simply click and hold the tab you wish to move. Drag the tab to the position you want it, and release. 3. If you accidentally close a tab and wish to recover it, right click a tab along the top toolbar, and select Reopen closed tab. It will now reappear on the

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Controlling Pop-Ups Under the Tools icon, select Settings. Select Show advanced settings. 1. Under Privacy, select Content settings.

2. Under Pop-ups, select whether or not you would like to allow sites to show pop-ups. To enter specific sites, select Do not allow any site to show popups and click Manage exceptions.

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3. Enter the selected website, and select if you would like to allow or not allow pop-ups for the site. Click OK.

Using the Find Feature The Find Feature allows users to search for keywords directly on webpages. To use this feature, 1. Under the Tools icon, select Find.

’ 2. In the search bar, enter the word(s) you wish to search for. They will appear highlighted in the text of the webpage. You can also use the arrows next to the search bar to scroll through and highlight the next location where the word is found.

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Printing To print websites from Google Chrome, 1. Under the Tools icon, select Print.

2. On the right side of the page, view a preview and on the left, select your print settings and select Print.

Working with Bookmarks To bookmark a webpage, 1. Click the Yellow Star icon to the far right of the address bar of the page you wish to bookmark. Enter the folder you wish the bookmark to appear in, and click Done. Your bookmark will now appear under your bookmarks tab.

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2. To access bookmarks, click the Tool icon, and select Bookmarks. Here, you can access your bookmarks, bookmarks bar, import bookmarks, and more!

3. To delete a bookmark, right click the bookmark you wish to delete from the Bookmarks tab. Select Delete.

Working with downloads 1. Under the Tools icon, select Settings. Choose Show advanced settings. Under Downloads, click Change next to Download location.

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2. Select the new download location and click OK.

3. Your new location will now be indicated under Download location.

Using the Task Bar In Google Chrome, the address bar works as a search bar as well. Simply enter the terms you wish to search for, and links to website will immediately appear. You can select a link from here, or click enter and you will be directed to Google to view the results from your search. Use the address bar as a Google Search bar!

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Deleting Important Information To delete web history, passwords, and other important information, 1. Under the Tools icon, select Settings. Choose Show advanced settings.

2. Under Privacy and Passwords and forms, uncheck next to the features you wish to disable. Click Clear browsing data to clear history, cookies, and more.

Click Manage Saved passwords to view/delete saved passwords 3. After selecting Clear browsing data, you will have the option to clear browsing history, download history, cookies, and more. After making your selections, click Clear browsing data. Select how far back you wish to delete information

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An Introduction to Google Chrome

[Not for Circulation] An Introduction to Google Chrome Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service and it provides features su...

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