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CONTOH SKRIPSI BAHASA INGGRIS : Chapter I Introduction Posted on June 6, 2010August 25, 2010 by Gosipsubang CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background Nowadays, many English courses places are available anywhere in regions. The ones who want to enhance their English speaking ability are provided by so many facilities in which they can learn from. The big number of members in the public courses is one the proof that teenagers or even children are having a big desire to be able to speak English. However, though so many English courses are provided it doesn’t means that people will directly have any confidentiality to join and speak. You can see also that actually English materials in classrooms do not meet their needs in learning English since students still seek for other places to learn English more. Most of students learning English in the classroom are always passively involved in its learning process. They mostly give their silence in the class like never asking the teacher though they do not understand. Worse than that, many teachers also do not care toward their students’ improvement in speaking English. What they need is just coming to the class, giving the lesson, discussing it (no matter if the students got that or not), and sometimes giving them homework; THAT’S ALL. The researcher finally finds a community where the students are forced to speak English more. Why do adults have difficulty in learning English? Because from the children ages, interest and motivation of speaking English were never be cultivated on them. Another reason is that the lack of English educational materials taught to them. The phenomenon of hundred thousand students who fail the final examination because of their “English subject” proves the English inadequacy of students’ proficiency. Due to those conditions, the researcher believes that methods and techniques employed in the classrooms to teach English have big impact toward students’ English comprehension. English Club, one of the extracurricular in a public vocational high school, has a big concern toward students’ English ability. As so many students enroll to become English Club members, almost all of them have “be able to speak English” as their goal in English Club. Actually, they just do not have a place to express their willing to speak English. Confidentiality is the main obstacle for them to speak. English club provide strategies that stimulate its members to actively involved in the exercises and attain their confidentiality to speak English more. 1.2. The Formulation of Problem Based on the condition above, the researcher will identify the problems which are in the research will be formulated, such as: 1.2.1. How are the members of English Club stimulated to speak English? 1.2.2. Which strategy is mostly increasing EC Members’ motivation to speak English? 1.3. The Aims of Research The specific aims of the research are: 1.3.1. to find out the strategies used in English Club Of SMK Negeri I Subang whether they can be implemented in the regular classrooms or not. 1.3.2. to find out which speaking strategy that mostly motivates the EC members to speak out. 1.4. The Method of Research The research methods used in this research is qualitative method which is valuable “to assist the researcher in deciding whether the teaching program needed to be modified or altered in any way so that the objectives may be achieved more effectively” (Nunan, 1992). In this case, speaking strategies of English club are the core in its program. 1.5. The Techniques of Data Collection In collecting data, the researcher uses: 1.5.1. Observation The researcher observed the members of English Club directly to find out the English atmosphere and also how the influences of the strategies used in English Club. 1.5.2. Interview Interview is to gain more reliable data taken from the members of English Club. It is also regarded more factual since the members of English Club are forced indirectly to give the explanation what they have experienced in English Club. 1.5.3. Questionnaire The researcher uses close-questions in collecting the data by questionnaire. They are to gain the objective data taken from the members of English Club. The questionnaire is spread to all members in attempt to get the members’ perspectives over the English Club practices. 1.6. Organization of The Paper These followings are how the research organized: 1. 1. Chapter I – Introduction This chapter presents the research foundation including background, formulation of problems, the aims of research, research methodology in general, techniques of data collection, and its organization paper. The keys of comprehending this research are provided in this chapter. 1. 2. Chapter II – Literature Review To keep both research’s validity and reliability, the researcher provides knowledge related to the topic. Those are taken from reliable linguists around the world. 1. 3. Chapter III – Research Methodology How to feed the body of this research by the data are explained here. In this session, there would be research design, samples, data collection, data instrument, and data analysis. Many data that needed by the researcher are collected and analyzed in this part. Contribution of the samples gives a lot of objective views in gaining the data required. 1. 4. Chapter IV – Findings and Discussions It is the spirit of the papers. The findings display all results of data analysis. The research questions meet the answers in this chapter. To make it clearer for the readers, the researcher conveys the discussions of the findings. 1. 5. Chapter V – Conclusion and Recommendation What can be taken from this research is shortly described in this chapter. This is the end of the paper (IF YOU NEED MORE, SEND YOUR EMAIL IN COMMENT BOX)

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