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ANSI Error Code Lists

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Where can I locate the ANSI Error codes that I see on my reports and/or remittances? Health Care Claim Status Codes convey the status of an entire claim or a specific service line. Claim Status Category Codes indicate the general category of the status (accepted, rejected, additional information requested, etc) which is then further detailed in the Claim Status Codes. These codes are used to help providers interpret the Status and Status Code fields which are located on the Claim Status Response Detail Screen within the HeW software. All updated ANSI Code Lists are located on the Washington Publishing Company website. Remittance Advice Remark Codes (example: M117, MA67, N179) Adjustment Code Group (example: CO-45) 1. CO = Contractual Obligation Description 2. PR = Patient Responsibility 3. PI = Payer Initiated Reductions 4. CR = Corrections & Reversals 5. OA = Other Adjustment Claim Adjustment Reason Codes (example: CO-45) Claim Status Category Codes (example: A3:27:IL) Claim Status Codes (example: A3:27:IL) Entity Identifier Codes (example: A3:27:IL) Code List Qualifier Code (Example A3:27:IL:65) - 65 = "Health Care Status Code" is used the most. Feedback Was this article helpful? Yes No


FAQ: ANSI Error Code Lists - support

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