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Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC)

Opportunities for IT Companies in Non-ICT Sectors

Egypt Strategic Vision “A leading industrialized nation in the MENA region & a main export hub for medium-technology manufactured products”

Elements of Industrial Strategy Linkage With International Markets National Capacity Building

Export DevelopmentCenter

Local trade development- Ministry of Trade & Industry

Human Resources – Industrial Training Council

Technology Transfer DevelopmentTechnology Centers

Financial needs-Industrial Financial Committee

National quality System National Quality Council

Infra Structure –Industrial Development Institutions

Increasing Competitiveness Program-IMC

Foreign Direct InvestmentGAFI Commercial Representation

IDS’ Phases Short Term


“Increase Industrial Exports and Employment”

Medium Term

Enhance Industrial Efficiency”

Long Term “Build Innovation Capacity”

• Upgrade •Preserve competitive • Create competitiveness of advantage through employment opportunities in industries by innovation & technology industry by focusing on promoting exports • Support technology productivity and FDIs with no transfer activities & sector-specific Develop industry- related R&D focus

IDS’ Target Sectors

Egypt’s Industrial Sector: Technological Composition Egypt’s exports are heavily dominated by resource-based and low-tech exports accounting for 90 percent of Egypt’s manufactured exports

Source: The Egyptian Competitiveness Report 2005/2006

Egypt is ranked the 87th out of the 139 countries in terms of technological readiness, which is relatively low compared to Egypt main Competitors Global Competitiveness Index: Technological Readiness Ranking (2010/2011)



80 60









40 20 0 Malysia




Source: The Global Competitiveness Index 2010/2011


In terms of business sophistication, Egypt remains at in a very late rank being the 63rd out of 139 countries Global Competitiveness Index: business sophistication Ranking (2010/2011) 78 80


70 60 41

50 40 30





20 10 0 Malysia





Source: The Global Competitiveness Index 2010/2011



Technology Can Have Major Impacts On: • Industrial Integration & Localization • Promoting Innovation & Creativity • Linking local Industry to International Innovation & R&D Centers

Industrial Modernisation Centre


IMC Strategic Vision To be the leading industrial development agency in Egypt; working on improving competitiveness, export, employment and investment.

IMC Mission To support all industrial enterprises, individually or sectorally, according to their development needs, through comprehensive and customized business development competitiveness programmes

IMC Targeted Sector  Pharmaceutical Products

 Textiles and Apparel

 Engineering

 Agro industry

 Chemical

 Food processing

 Printing & Packing

 Building materials

 Shipping

 Wood and Furniture

 Metallurgical Industries

 Leather and Tanning

 Private Sector Healthcare

 Leather Industry

Provider  Jewellery Sector

 Services Related to Industry

 Cinema

IMC Network Port Said

Badr City

El Menya



New Exporters

R&D Productivity Social Responsibility

Environment & Energy

Implementing Studies

Access to Finance

IMC Plan 2010-2011


Small & Medium Industries

Market Penetration

Technology Transfer

Quality Training

Information Technology

The R&D Programme IMC offers R&D funding to industry in cooperation with the Ministry of State for Scientific Research (MHESR) to help develop scientific researches and establish the link between research and the Egyptian industrial community

IMC Levels of Interventions

National Sectoral

Individual Company

R&D Programme National

UP to L.E 5 Million • Projects with general benefits to industry • 8 projects in the area of pharma industry, engineering, textile, food & agro • 100% funded by MHSER

R&D Programme Sectoral

UP to L.E 5 Million

• R&D project serving specific industrial sector including Innovation Projects, Process Development, New production technique, solution to existing problem • 2 projects furniture & leather • 50% MHESR, 50% IMC

R&D Programme Individual Company

Up to L.E 1.2 Million • R&D project applied to industry including: product innovation and development (design, prototype), process development • 37 projects engineering, chemicals, agro, food, pharma, packaging & energy • 30% MHESR, 60% IMC, 10% Beneficiary

Programme Progress #Projects

Total (LE)

Ongoing Projects


41.8 M

Submitted Projects


13.1 M

Pipeline Projects


17.4 M


Total of 92 projects with L.E 72.3 Million

Examples of Successful Projects • Design & Development Of a High-End Beam Former

For Ultrasound Imaging Applications • Design & Development Of a PC-Based Doppler

Ultrasound Imagining System • Developing a high speed Side Seal bag making machine

• Grill Hinge assembly redesign to fit BOACH Standards

• Modification of GMC washing machine to fit market needs

Linking Industries to University Education & Youth The program aims to channel the efforts of research, development & innovation to tackling the technical challenges facing Egyptian industry •560 Graduation Projects •56 Faculties •1500 Students •50 Specialists from Teaching Staff Members & Industrial Sector

Innovation Award for Industrial Technical Secondary Schools IMC will promote an innovation award in cooperation with RDI to link between various industries & industrial technical schools (ITSS) aiming to create a nucleus for applied scientific research

Linking Industry to Innovation


Innovation Call Projects

Total Projects 147

Technically Accepted 39

Total Budget 113,993,857

Professor for Every Factory This program aims at engaging a number of academic professors in specific assignments for medium term periods inside factories to focus on resolving specific technical and nontechnical issues and enhance innovation

Thank You



Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) - Tiec

Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) Opportunities for IT Companies in Non-ICT Sectors Egypt Strategic Vision “A leading industrialized nation in ...

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