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Beyond the limits of the Twitterverse lie pirate strongholds that operate as islands of resistance amidst the doldrums of mainstream media. Inspired by a passion for social justice, a defiant libertarian ethos, a desire for autonomy or for purposes of artistic expression, radio pirates snub the legal edicts of regulated broadcasting. Islands of Resistance puts you behind the eyepatch giving you a collection of inside views on pirate radio in Canada. Islands of Resistance is a compendium of seventeen contributions that reveal the thriving, clandestine counterculture of pirate radio in Canada. From activist perspectives and artist’s statements, historical essays and sociological examinations, to personal anecdotes, this collection opens up a whole world of activism and fun to be had with illicit radio transmitters. ISL ANDS OF RESISTANCE: pirate radio in canada EDS. ANDREA LANGLOIS, RON SAKOLSKY, MARIAN VAN DER ZON media studies 256 pages 6 x 9 trade paperback $21 CDN | $21 US ISBN-13 978-1-55420-050-4 BOOK TRADE: Available direct from publisher at the address below. MEDIA: For review copies or more info, contact us at (604) 738-9429, via e-mail: [email protected] or visit

Be it an established pirate station narrowcasting from a hidden trailer on a small island, or an ephemeral radio festival beaming live music from a low-watt transmitter in Victoria, these free radio projects are islands of resistance within an ocean of homogeneous frequencies, illegally pirating signals and transmitting personal, political and artistic programming to loyal and accidental listeners alike. An invaluable addition to an underexamined subject in Canadian media studies, history and subcultures, Islands of Resistance appeals to the anarchist, anti-authoritarian impulses in all of us. Contributors include: Stephen Dunifer Neskie Manuel Bobbi Kozinuk Anna Friz Eleanor King Ron Sakolsky

Anne MacLennan Charles Mostoller André Éric Létourneau Kristen Roos Kathy Kennedy Marian van der Zon

Sheila Nopper Gretchen King Christof Migone Stephen Kelly Roger Farr Andrea Langlois

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The Editors Andrea Langlois has been involved in autonomous media for almost ten years. Andrea was an active member of the Indymedia movement ( for several years, and her voice has sailed the airwaves on many stations, from Montreal’s CKUT, to Nelson’s CJLY, and has been wild and free during many pirate radio broadcasts. Autonomous Media: Activating Resistance and Dissent, the book she co-edited with Frédéric Dubois, documents uses of media by social justice movements in Canada; it was published in French translation by Lux Éditeur in 2006. She works in communications in Victoria, BC, and is the editor of the quarterly magazine BC Organic Grower. ALBO BY THE EDITORS ANDREA LANGLOIS Autonomous Media: Activating Resistance and Dissent (Cumulus, 2005)

RON SAKOLSKY Swift Winds (Eberhardt Press, 2009) Creating Anarchy (Fifth Estate, 2005) Surrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States (Autonomedia, 2002) Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook (AK Press, 1998) Sounding Off: Music as Subversion/Resistance/Revolution (Autonomedia, 1996) Gone To Croatan: Origins Of North American Dropout Culture (Autonomedia, 1994)

Ron Sakolsky has been a radio pirate for over twenty years in both the United States and Canada. With Stephen Dunifer, he coedited the book Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook (1998). His writings on pirate radio have appeared in such magazines as Fifth Estate, Social Anarchism, Cultural Democracy, Index on Censorship and Confluence. His most recent books include: Creating Anarchy (2005) and Swift Winds (2009). Born in Brooklyn, he previously has taught in both the Studies in Social Change and the Justice and the Social Order programs at the University of Illinois. He now makes his home on Denman Island, BC where he publishes his annual zine, The Oystercatcher.

Marian van der Zon founded a pirate radio station, TAR: Temporary Autonomous Radio, in 2003, a station that is still active. She is a media activist and musician who has been involved in radio for ten years, hosting shows and contributing sound art and radio documentary pieces to CBC Radio One, Victoria’s CFUV, Montreal’s CKUT, Nanaimo’s CHLY, WINGS, and to numerous pirate radio stations. She teaches in the Media Studies and Women’s Studies departments at Vancouver Island University. Her written work on pirate radio has been published in Autonomous Media (2005) and its French translation, in Social Anarchism, and Canadian Women in Radio (forthcoming). She plays in the band Puzzleroot.


Islands of Resistance alert.qxd

alert! PUBLICATION DATE: MAY 15, 2010 Beyond the limits of the Twitterverse lie pirate strongholds that operate as islands of resistance amidst the ...

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