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jQuery Mobile Cookbook

Over 80 recipes with examples and practical tips to help you quickly learn and develop cross-platform applications with jQuery Mobile

Chetan K Jain


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First published: November 2012

Production Reference: 1011112

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd. Livery Place 35 Livery Street Birmingham B3 2PB, UK. ISBN 978-1-84951-722-5 www.packtpub.com

Cover Image by Abhishek Pandey ([email protected])

Credits Author Chetan K Jain Reviewers

Project Coordinator Vishal Bodwani Proofreader

Shaun Dunne

Aaron Nash

Ankit Garg

Maria Gould

Yousef Jadallah Indexer Acquisition Editor

Hemangini Bari

Usha Iyer Production Coordinator Lead Technical Editor

Arvindkumar Gupta

Arun Nadar Cover Work Technical Editors Kirti Puajri Lubna Shaikh

Arvindkumar Gupta

About the Author Chetan K Jain loves to code, and has been writing code for over 16 years now. He is a

Senior Architect, and has worked on mobile technologies for over 4 years for Nokia. Since then, he has moved on to work as a freelance consultant. Chetan has significant experience in writing cross-platform mobile apps using jQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Nodejs, and has also worked extensively on Qt. Prior to mobile technologies, he has worked with Java technology and was also certified as an MCSD and MCSE in his early days. Chetan is an active contributor to open source development, and tries to help jQuery Mobile development whenever he can. He regularly participates in developer forums, and was earlier a top-ranked member and a "mad scientist" in the Nokia Qt Developer Forum. Chetan was born in Bangalore and lives there with his wife Shwetha and son Tanmay.

The only time he ventured to live away from Bangalore was when he worked for over 4 years in the USA. His adventure didn't end there. He did a solo US cross country drive in his two door coupe from the east coast to the west and back, driving alone for over 8000 plus miles in 16 days to experience and live life as he calls it. His travelogue can be found at http://adventure.chetankjain.net. Chetan has contributed and published over 15 books to Gutenberg as a volunteer. He has also published four books on Jaina Literature and History written by his mother Saraswathamma. He is a voracious reader, and his other interests include music, movies, and travelling. Photography is his favorite hobby, and his clicks can be found at http://www.facebook.com/chetankjainphotos/photos_stream. Chetan can be reached at [email protected] He also blogs at http://dev.chetankjain.net.

Acknowledgement First and foremost, my wife Shwetha and son Tanmay deserve full credit for the completion of this book. This book was possible only because of their understanding, support, and countless sacrifices. For days I would be unavailable, miss many family events, and yet they continued to shower me with all their love and affection. I thank my parents, Mahendra Kumar Jaini and Saraswathamma, for their love, support, and for everything that I am today. I miss my father, but he is always there with me. My mother is my muse, and I follow her footsteps now as an author. I have a very supportive sister Suma Jain and nephew Poojith Jain who never fail to pep me up. Ashwin Das, is family, and I enjoy bouncing all my ideas with him. I thank my very close friend, Chidananda P, for all the help and support that he continues to give me. I thank my childhood friend Anand Rao for always being there as my buddy and for encouraging every project of mine. My venture into mobile space has been very enjoyable. I thank all my former colleagues in Nokia—Prahalad Rao for being a great manager and for directly supporting me at work when I started this book, Sathish EV for all those initial reviews, Bhuwan Lodha for encouraging me to blog, Ashwin Das, Karthik S, Prasad S, Pavanesh, and Krishna KN for all the suggestions given. A very special thanks to Govind Ashrit, who actually urged me to write this book. Thank you guys! I also thank Shaun Dunne, Ankit Garg, and Yousef Jadallah for reviewing the technical content of the book, and suggesting valuable changes and corrections. Finally, I thank Packt Publishers and Usha Iyer for giving me this opportunity. My heartfelt thanks to my editors Vishal Bodwani, Arun Nadar, Kirti Pujari, and Lubna Shaikh for tirelessly reviewing my writing—multiple times, and giving me many valuable suggestions. You guys were just great!

About the Reviewers Shaun Dunne is a Developer working for SapientNitro in London, UK, and has been coding since 2008 with a passion for JavaScript and all the front-end goodness. Working for a large agency over the past few years, Shaun has had the chance to use various web technologies to build large scale applications, and found a passion for getting other people excited about the web. Shaun has been hacking the mobile web for a couple of years, trying and testing all the tools available and sharing his discoveries where he can, to ensure that others are aware of what is available to use and in what situation. When he's not working or spending some family time with his kids, he can usually be found on the web, tinkering, blogging, and building things. He's currently working on his own book, a self-published title about SASS and Friends called UberCSS, which is due to be released in the winter of 2012.

Ankit Garg is a Front-End Developer at iGate Global Solutions. He likes to call himself a Mobile Web Application Developer, a JavaScript Developer, and a blogger.

He likes reading, practicing, and blogging new things in the Mobile Web and JavaScript space. If you would like to reach him, send him an e-mail to [email protected]

Yousef J. Jadallah is a software developer. He has good hands-on experience of web

and .NET technologies, such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, AJAX, ASP.NET AJAX, C#,VB.NET, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, Web Services, and REST. He spends most of his leisure time helping the communities on Microsoft technologies, specifically in the Microsoft official forum. He is honored with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award - 2011 (CCA).

He is from Jordan. You can contact with him through his blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/yousefjadallah.

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To Shwetha and Tanmay, you fill my life with joy and wonder.

Table of Contents Preface 1 Chapter 1: Get Rolling 7

Introduction 7 Writing your first jQuery Mobile application 9 Using JS Bin to create a simple application 12

Chapter 2: Pages and Dialogs


Chapter 3: Toolbars


Introduction 17 Writing a single-page template application 18 Writing a multi-page template application 22 Prefetching pages for faster navigation 25 Using the DOM cache to improve performance 29 Custom styling a dialog 32 Using CSS to create a bouncing page transition 36 Using JS to create a slide and fade page transition 40 Using data-url to handle the login page navigation 44 Using History API to create a custom error pop up 48

Introduction 55 Using fullscreen fixed toolbars 55 Using persistent navbars in toolbars 59 Customizing the header with multiple buttons 64 Adding a customized round button to the header 66 Adding an image to the header 69 Adding a customized back button 70 Adding a layout grid to the footer 73

Table of Contents

Chapter 4: Buttons and Content Formatting


Introduction 77 Scripting a dynamically added button 78 Using a custom icon in a button 80 Adding a custom icon sprite 83 Replacing the default icon sprite 86 Using alternate icons in a collapsible 89 Creating a nested accordion 92 Creating a custom layout grid 94 Using XML content 96 Using JSON content 99

Chapter 5: Forms


Chapter 6: List Views


Chapter 7: Configurations


Introduction 105 Native styling of form controls 105 Disabling text controls 108 Grouping radio buttons in a grid 110 Customizing a checkbox group 113 Creating dynamic flip switch and slider controls 117 Using options to auto-initialize a select menu 120 Validating forms 123 Submitting a form using POST 126 Fetching data using GET 130 Creating an accessible form 133 Introduction 137 Using inset and non-inset lists 138 Creating a custom numbered list 140 Using a nested list 142 Using a read-only nested list 145 Formatting content in a list 147 Using a split button list 150 Using image icons 154 Creating a custom search filter 155 Modifying a list with JavaScript 159 Introduction 163 Configuring the active classes 163 Configuring ajaxEnabled 167 Configuring autoInitializePage 169 Configuring the default transitions 170 ii

Table of Contents

Configuring ignoreContentEnabled Configuring the page loading and error messages Configuring the default namespace Configuring hashListeningEnabled and subPageUrlKey Configuring pushStateEnabled and linkBindingEnabled

172 174 176 178 180

Chapter 8: Events


Chapter 9: Methods and Utilities


Chapter 10: The Theme Framework


Chapter 11: HTML5 and jQuery Mobile


Introduction 183 Using orientation events 183 Using scroll events 185 Using touch events 186 Virtual mouse events 190 Page initialization events 194 Page load and remove events 196 Page change events 201 Page transition and animation events 205 Using layout events 210 Introduction 213 Using loadPage() to load a page 213 Using changePage() to change a page 216 Using jqmData() and jqmRemoveData() 220 Using jqmEnhanceable() 222 Using jqmHijackable 224 Using $.mobile.base 226 Parsing an URL 228 Using $.mobile.path utility methods 231 Using silent scrolling 235 Introduction Theming a nested list Using a custom background Using custom fonts Styling corners Overriding the global Active State theme Overriding an existing swatch Using the ThemeRoller tool to create a swatch

239 239 242 244 247 249 252 255

Introduction 261 Using the new HTML5 semantics 262 Improving speed and taking your application offline 265 iii

Table of Contents

Using Web Workers for intensive tasks Using local and session storage 2D drawing with Canvas Applying Gaussian blur on a SVG image Tracking your location with the Geolocation API Playing music with the