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WELCOME This is the annual report of Dream Learn Work. It provides an overview of our program activities in 2015, covering all the work developed on the three pillars of our organization: Dream, Learn and Work. The report also includes information on partnerships, communication, events and administration.


1. About Dream Learn Work 2. Our Year 2.1. DREAM 2.2. LEARN 2.3. WORK 3. Partnerships 4. Communication 5. Events 6. Financials 7. Administration 8. Organization 9. Annexes 9.1. Annex I 9.2. Annex II 9.3. Annex III

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

1. WHY ARE WE HERE? Dream Learn Work’s mission is to give youth from less developed areas opportunities for a better future through education and employment. Started in 2006 In 2006, a group of Norwegian companies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil came together to develop a social program. Their goal was to address a lack of skilled labour in the oil and maritime industries and, at the same time, create social impact, changing young lives for the better. Dream Learn Work was formally created in 2008, with the mission to assist young people in acquiring vocational and life skills, developing further and achieving their professional aspirations. Skills shortage remains a challenge Today Brazil has a strong industrial production, having developed fast in the past 20 years, however, the sustainability of its economic growth depends on the availability of qualified workers, which the country does not have. Nowadays, despite the fact that the Brazilian government has invested in better access to professional qualifications, research shows1 that the shortage of skilled labour remains a major issue for companies in the country and that there is the need to improve the access and quality of education2. Therefore, the challenges that originated Dream Learn Work remain. With almost ten years of experience, we are proud to have a solid, sustainable project with a tested and verified training model, successful in giving youth the opportunities for a better future for themselves and their families. “I’m happy that there is an organisation like Dream Learn Work that shows us why education is important. I did a course in Advanced Excel at SENAI Laranjeiras. It was great, I loved the school, teachers and the area. I would not have had this opportunity without DLW.” Iago Fabricio (18), Guadalupe - RJ

Why Dream? Many young people from poor, low-income areas in Rio de Janeiro lack a basic understanding of what their professional opportunities are. They have none or very few professional role models. Levels of crime and drug-trafficking are high. Youth run the risk of losing their lives and futures to opportunities for short-term gains. That is why we need to encourage young people to choose education, inspiring them to dream of a better future through learning and work. 1- http://www.fdc.org.br/imprensa/Paginas/noticia.aspx?noticia=43 (in Portuguese) 2-









9789264208988-en.htm (in English)

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

The DLW Model We recruit participants from social projects that work in less developed neighborhoods. These local projects contribute in the completion of basic education and the development of life skills. Dream Learn Work offers the next step: professional skills development and the support to enter the formal job market. We do this by organizing and running a number of activities and events to help young people to dream of a better future through education (DREAM). We sponsor vocational training at recognized educational institutions, using our experience based training model (LEARN). In order to close the cycle we also organize work related activities, with the support and collaboration of corporate partners, bringing participants closer to the labour market (WORK). In 2016 the focus will be on technical courses and the preparation for university entry, supporting participants that have enrolled in 2015 or before, following their educational path and making the bridge with the job market.

2. OUR YEAR 2.1. DREAM Dream Learn Work encourages the choice of education through information and inspiration meetings at our NGO partners and external activities, such as motivational workshops, visits, and seminars. In 2015 our ambition was to be an attractive and preferred partner for NGOs in the area of professional qualification training. We focused on improving processes and recruiting more participants. The well-rounded processes that were created this year meant that we were able to foster an increased engagement from social partners, resulting in more meetings at their bases and better recruitment. “Before enrolling in Dream Learn Work I didn’t have a lot of plans for my professional future, but this opportunity opened my mind. Now, I want to work and have a career in IT or administration.” “Education is fundamental for a future with any perspective. The people in DLW have the ability to connect with the participants and that helps a lot in the process of finding a study area and how to achieve your dreams.” - Hugo Paz (17), Guadalupe – RJ

ACTIVITIES ●● Inspiration and information meetings

We arrange inspiration and information meetings and recruitment events at NGOs and at educational institutions. These meetings and events are perfect DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

opportunities to motivate young people to choose education, introduce our work and recruit new participants. Current DLW participants are invited to meetings as role models and give important testimonials. Number of people attending meetings in 2015: 245 Total of new recruits in 2015: 110

Fernando Rezende from SENAI speaking to potential DLW participants at the Information meeting at SENAI Laranjeiras

Feb 2015: Meeting at NGO Abrigo in Itaborai Feb 2015: Meeting at NGO Karanba Mar 2015: Recruitment event at SENAI Tijuca Apr 2015: Recruitment event at SENAI Barreto Sep 2015: Information meeting at SENAI Laranjeiras Nov 2015: Recruitment event at NGO Karanba Dec 2015: Recruitment event at NGO Instituto Bola Pra Frente

●● Motivation course: “My Life - My Dream”

“My Life - My Dream” is a motivational course, run by Dream Learn Work, focused on dreams for a professional future. This year, participants used film and photography to explore career aspirations and define their own next steps. Films produced by the participants were shown at graduation ceremonies and used to encourage other young people to choose education. Number of participants: 18 Final video shown at a graduation ceremony where 100+ people attended.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

May 2015: MY LIFE, MY DREAM Motivational course by Dream Learn Work

My Life, My Dream Workshop. Betina Lauritsen, DLW Program Manager, speaking to participants.

Jorge, participant

●● Social media project: Dreams of Rio

This project is about sharing personal stories from our participants on social media. They talk about their lives today and ambitions for the future. Our participants are important ambassadors to our work, sharing their stories is a powerful tool to motivate them to carry on their educational trail. In 2015 we started the interview process. Number of interviews done in 2015: 10 Project launched in February 2016.

“I like to cook. When I was younger, I always followed my mother to the kitchen and watched her. The first thing I learned to do was rice. When I got the opportunity to do courses through Dream Learn Work, a culinary course was on top of my list. At the moment I’m trying to learn how to do sushi and sashimi. It’s difficult. But I like it.” Lohan (17) Trindade, São Gonçalo – RJ

Lohan, participant

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Film project: A Brilliant Future

In 2015 we produced the film “A Brilliant Future”. The objective of the film was to encourage young people to choose education. It was 100% sponsored by a corporate partner. The film tells the stories of four participants, and is a powerful testimony to how education change lives in many different ways. Film launched in January 2016.

Vanessa, one of our participants featured in the film ‘“Brilliant future”.

●● Graduation Ceremonies

Differently from previous years, in 2015, graduation ceremonies were held at the sites of our NGO partners. This has been a significant change, facilitating the attendance of families to the celebrations. It was also an important way of highlighting the importance of our partnerships. The events at Fenase in Niterói, Instituto Bola Pra Frente in Rio de Janeiro and Karanba in São Gonçalo were great successes with the presence of graduates, their families, representatives from corporate partners, the DLW board and the media. In October, the Norwegian Crown Prince visited Rio de Janeiro and participated in the graduation ceremony at our corporate partner VARD shipyard. Number of graduates at ceremonies: 108 Number of people that attended as guests: +300 DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Halvard Idland, DLW President speaking at the Graduation Ceremony at Instituto Bola Pra Frente

Feb 2015: Graduation ceremony at NGO Fenase in Niteroi (55 graduates) Oct 2015: Graduation ceremony at NGO Instituto Bola Pra Frente (24 graduates) Nov 2015: Royal visit by Crown Prince Haakon and graduation ceremony at VARD shipyard (5 graduates) Dec 2015: Graduation ceremony for NGO’s Karanba and Abrigo at Karanba’s base. (24 graduates)

2.2. LEARN

Dream Learn Work sponsors vocational training at recognized educational institutions. Our main partnerships are with SENAI and SENAC. These schools offer a wide range of training opportunities, and are recognized by their industries. This ensures that Dream Learn Work participants receive high quality training. In 2015, we have broadened the the range of training opportunities. Before we offered training in primarily technical subjects. This year we included other areas such administration, communications and gastronomy in a response to the weaker demand for labour in the maritime and oil & gas industries, as well as, to be able to better offer the best suited training for each participant.

Our participants at the culinary course in SENAI Tijuca

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

In order to monitor progress, we have implemented individual follow-up of all students. This means that they are advised, supported and motivated during their training. The monitoring is done through meetings at NGO partners bases or at our office and via telephone and social media contacts. This has produced positive results in completion rates and is an attempt of also increasing our focus in developing life skills. Our goal this year was to offer vocational training and also build competencies that the labour market seeks, such as IT and English. The course seat target for this year was set at 215, an increase of over 100% on the previous year. We have achieved 184 course seats, which is an excellent result, and nearly 60% increase on 2014. The challenge was the number of cancellations of courses by educational partners; with a view to improve the situation, meetings with schools have been held and solutions sought. The expectation is that the issues would be resolved and the impact of cancellations minimized. “The experience with DLW has been an immense step in my life. I am doing an English course now and will start soon an introductory course in computing. For me, and many others, that don’t have any work experience or the opportunity to pay for courses. I believe tha DLW can help me getting educated and find a way into the labour market.” Rayan (17), São Gonçalo - RJ


Dream Learn Work has developed a model for training that all participants need to follow. They need to demonstrate motivation and dedication to complete each level and proceed to the next. Each level represents the completion of a training course. Courses are in different areas, and each participant follows their own educational journey. Low dropout rates and better allocation of funds are concrete results of the model, as the participants are more engaged and complete each phase of their training. All courses give a qualification and a diploma.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

At the moment we are sponsoring two students at university studying Mechanical Engineering. One started in 2014 and the other in 2015.

Level 1 - Basic knowledge and introduction to a subject. Aim: Assess skills and motivation. Ex: Introduction to Electrotechnics - Elementos de Eletrotécnica Level 2 - Longer courses, following the introductory course. Aim: Prepares for an entry level position in a company and to follow on to a technical course. Ex: Electrical Commands - Comandos Elétricos Level 3 - Advanced course. Aim: attain a technical qualification. Ex: Technical in Electrotechnics or Technical in Automation - Técnico em Eletrotécnica ou Técnico em Automação.. Level 4 - University degree. Ex: Electrical Engineering - Engenharia Elétrica.

Full course overview on Annex I


The completion rate, defined as the percentage of enrolled students who completed the courses, is calculated based on participants that have been signed up in 2015 and data on courses ended until March 2016. Even though the number has been collected in 2016, the figure reflects the results of 2015, as students were enrolled that year. The 90.5% rate means a drop out rate of 9.5%, a reduction of 2.5% from the previous year and excellent result to our efforts, as we have substantially increased course seat numbers.

“I have just finished my Administrative Assistant course through DLW. It was very important to me, helping me to be sure of what I want to do in the future.” – Thamires (19). Guadalupe - RJ DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

ENGLISH COURSES English is an important differential in the labour market in Brazil. Employers find it difficult to recruit employees with the levels of English they require. That is why Dream Learn Work continues to focus on English. English training has drastically increased during 2015. Four full classes in two different languages schools have been procured, providing a good alternative close to where our students live. In São Gonçalo we had two classes: one for current students (basic-intermediate level) and the other was for a younger age group. In Rio de Janeiro city center we had one class for basic level and one for intermediate level. Also, two experienced participants - one in university, the other working as a health and safety technician have been receiving individual tutoring.

“At the moment, I’m studying English through Dream Learn Work. I am learning a lot. DLW follows our learning path and worries about us, which is also good motivation for continuing to study. Before these courses I was very shy and had low self-esteem. The has changed and now I trust myself.” - Laryssa Eduarda da Silva dos Santos (17) Guadalupe

ACTIVITIES ●● Learning visits

Dream Learn Work arranges learning visits to companies. These visits are crucial for participants to get a better understanding of life at work and see their vocations in a practical setting. We set up small groups of students with similar profiles. The visits are of a full or half day duration, and normally include a visit to the work areas, as well as sessions with HR personnel on recruiting and job search skills. Number of participants: 34

Feb 2015: Visit with the students at Rolls-Royce Marine in Niteroi (8) May 2015: Student visit at Woodgroup (4) Oct 2015: Student visit at Woodgroup base in Macaé (7) Nov 2015: Student visit at L’Oreal Plant (7) Nov 2015: Student visit at L’Oreal’s main office (9)

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

A Day At Work In 2015 we have developed an initiative called ‘’A Day At Work’’. The main objective is that our participants have some contact with the world of work, showing them how to put knowledge into practice and how to interact with professionals. It is also Our participants in green helmets at the WoodGroup a good way for them to network. visit in October. Through programs such as ‘’A Day At Work’’ we are able to develop our students further. They are able to understanding better how to apply the subjects they are studying. Becoming more prepared for a future job interviews, for example.

A Day at Work at Kongsberg Maritime The first company to receive our students was Kongsberg Maritime. We are looking forward to grow the number of corporate partners involved in this project. Number of participants: 2

Thamires from Bola Pra Frente, who is studying Administration and Camila from Kongsbergs Administration Department

Oct 2015: A DAY AT WORK at the Test and Repair Lab at Kongsberg Maritime Dec 2015: A DAY AT WORK at the Administration Department at Kongsberg Maritime DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

“The experience of spending a day in the Test & Repair Lab was excellent and very productive. I have learnt a lot. I thank DLW for giving me this opportunity and for all you have been doing for me.” Luciano (25), Itaboraí - RJ

2.3. WORK Dream Learn Work actively seeks to differentiate and to increase our participants opportunities in the labour market. We do this through active recruitment initiatives to companies, such as promoting candidates to vacant positions and internships, building a corporate network of HR professionals and by sharing employment opportunities with our students through social media. Some of our participants work in Dream Learn Work partner companies. We have been gathering data on employment status of active students and, by the end of the year, 32% of our participants were formally employed and 14% in positions relevant to education. It is important to point out that many of our students are still studying and, because of that, working outside of their area of qualification. Some are in search of their first job, however, Brazil is in an economic downturn and youth employment has decreased. A big challenge to measure our success in the work pillar is the difficulty in gathering employment information of former participants. The plan is to keep records updated as from now on, a task that has been facilitated by the individual follow up established and administrative changes into record keeping. Dream Learn Work has introduced two of our participants to Rolls Royce Marine Youth Apprenticeship program. Our students are now working as administrative apprentices at the Rolls Royce base in Niterói - RJ. We also have a group of five students working at Vard shipyard in Niterói - RJ.

ACTIVITIES ●● CV Building and Job Search Workshops / Interview training

Our participants are young and have little or no experience in searching and applying for jobs. Workshops and training are delivered by experienced HR personnel from partner companies and provide important tools to develop our students job search competencies, improving their chances in a very competitive labour market. These events have been organized at NGOs sites and companies and are always a great success. Number of participants: 73

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Apr 2015: CV Workshop with Michelle Araujo, HR Manager at DNVGL at BpF (20) Jun 2015: Work fair at Karanba (35) Nov 2015: ABRH (labour event) event in Centro (5) Nov 2015: CV and HR Workshop at L’Oreal (13)

Job search workshop delivered by DNVGL’s HR Manager, Michelle Araujo, at Instituto Bola Pra Frente

Bárbara Albertini, one of the mentors at Rolls-Royce, with her mentee Diellie

●● Online CV Database / Recruitment

One of our 2015 projects was the online CV database. This has been developed to facilitate companies to access our pool of talented young professionals. It has been launched on our website and recruiters from registered companies can access it. We have also continued to participate in partners companies recruitment drives. Dream Learn Work has arranged a number of interviews at partner companies for our participants and has established stronger relationships with HR departments to have our students consistently considered for vacancies.

●● Dream Learn Work Mentor

We have developed and introduced a new program for mentoring. It is called Dream Learn Work Mentor. Many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds find it very hard to get a good idea of job opportunities, what waits them at work, and even more importantly, how to get into the job market. “Dream Learn Work Mentor” aims to connect our participants with people with experience. The goal is to increase job rates.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

The program has two parts, internal and external mentoring. Internal Mentoring Participants early on in their training are often in doubt about which path to follow. Mentoring by Dream Learn Work staff encourages participants into looking for possible professional career routes, suggesting courses and opening a channel of communication. Number of participants: 104 External Mentoring Mentors are volunteers from partner companies that wish to share their experiences with a young person starting out and help them take the first steps towards realising their careers. External mentors support youngsters closer to the job market.

“I have had the pleasure of mentoring two of the students of DLW for over a year. I am impressed by the hard work these young people are putting into becoming successful in life. Their spirit and enthusiasm for learning and growing is really touching and sometimes I believe I get more from them then I give them in reflections and views on core values in life.” Arne-Christian Haukeland, Head of DNB Brasil and DLW mentor

Number of participants:

6 mentees - 4 at Rolls Royce Marine and 2 at DNB 5 mentors - 4 at Rolls Royce Marine and 1 at DNB

ACTIVITIES Aug 2015: Workshop for volunteers at Norsk Hydro´s office . Attendees: 6 mentors Nov 2015: Workshop for mentors at Rolls-Royce Marine. Attendees: 5 mentors

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

3. PARTNERSHIPS Dream Learn Work enjoys and nurtures strong local ties with our partners. Many partners have been part of our network since the beginning in 2006. others joined more recently, reflecting the growth and development of Dream Learn Work.

3.1. Social partners (NGOs) Dream Learn Work has today six local social partners (details in Annex II) covering a large area of Rio de Janeiro state. The NGOs are essential in sustaining support to our target audience, as we work in cooperation in order to recruit youth from less developed neighborhoods. This year we have improved our recruitment process, holding regular meetings at NGO partners sites, demonstrating professional opportunities to young people and encouraging them to enter the DLW program. This change has worked well and the number of new recruits has grown. New procedures with NGO partners means that there is more collaboration between organizations and the establishment of educational paths and participants´ follow up and contact has been facilitated.

Recruits per NGO

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Our NGO contacts at our Christmas lunch

“It is always rewarding to be associated with institutions that can help us achieve our goal of promoting social progress and equal opportunities to children and youth. Together with DLW we are able to give to some of our participant the opportunity to do vocational training, which offers them better preparation for future opportunities. 2015 was a good year!!!” Fernanda Esteves, Commercial Manager at Projeto Karanba

3.2. Educational Partners

Educational partners provide training to our participants and are vital to the success of our program. Vocational education and training can ease entry into the labour market and provide youth with more learning opportunities. Our main providers are SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training) and SENAC (National Service for Commercial Training), institutions recognised by their respective industries. More details on educational partners can be found at the Annex III.

2015 Course seats per school and level

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Universities In addition to these institutions, we had 4 students at university (UNISUAM and Anhanguera), of which 2 are sponsored by DLW . We expect this number to increase in 2016. Anhanguera - Mechanical engineering 1st year UNISUAM - Mechanical engineering 2nd year

3.3. Corporate partners

Dream Learn Work increased its focus on corporate partnerships in the period, and today the number of partners are increasing. We prioritize developing in-depth partnerships, and have identified many different areas and activities that both support our work and serve to engage and motivate employees. Our partners contribute in many different ways: • • • • •

Financial support Company visits, A Day At Work initiative Mentoring, coaching, tutoring CV and job search workshops, interview training, recruitment drives Recruiting from DLW

“I would like to thank you (DLW) for the opportunity to share our work life experience with the students today.” “The job fair was very positive.” – Fabio Henrique, training manager at Rolls Royce. He was one of the employees who shared their career stories and gave advice about life at work at the Karanba Job Fair

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

List of corporate partners X= financial support O=non-financial support

3.4. Administrative Partners KINCAID Mendes Vianna Advogados Law-firm. Secure that we operate within the laws and regulations of Brazil. ADV Contabilidade e Consultoria Accounting. Ensures that we deliver financial reports to the tax authorities, and that we adhere to accounting rules and principles of Brazil. ZOOM Out Comunicação Corporativa Ltda Communication agency. Provides free of charge services and web at nominal cost.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

4. Communication This year we changed our communication and marketing strategies. Our website (www.dreamlearnwork.com) is working well, templates for all communication materials are in place. A member of the DLW team works part of her hours with communication and our visibility online has grown. Visibility is key for our recruitment and fundraising efforts.

Results • Instagram: Profile created (170 followers) • Facebook:

Best post 2014: Audience reach 469 Best post 2015: Audience reach 1626 Total page likes November 2014: 328 Total page likes November 2015: 534 2015 Newsletters 1st Newsletter (April) - GREAT START for 2015: 50 new students - PARTNERS: Much more than a sponsorship - NEW MANAGEMENT: Dagny takes over the management. - MEETING WITH FUTURE STUDENTS: Dare to dream - GRADUATION: 78 students graduate in 2014 - MOTIVATIONAL VISIT: Rolls Royce

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

2nd Newsletter (September) - YASMIM: An exceptional example of determination - WOODGROUP: A day in the field - WORKFAIR: Positive vibes at Karanba - CROSSING BORDERS: From “sim” to “yes” - MY LIFE, MY DREAM: Dreaming about a professional future 3rd Newsletter (December) - GRADUATION: Realizing dreams - DLW MENTOR: Where youth meets experience - ROYAL VISIT: Graduation with HRH Crown Prince Haakon - GRADUATION KARANBA/ABRIGO 2015: Total happiness

5. Events Dream Learn Work is usually invited to participate and deliver presentations during official visits and events in Rio de Janeiro and Oslo. We also organize events. They are important opportunities to build awareness around our work. BNCC Oslo Breakfast Meeting (March 2015) The Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) in Oslo has organized this event. CSR initiatives in Brazil were able to show their work and results. Norwegian companies operating in Rio de Janeiro play an important role in tackling some of the social challenges in the State. DLW shared stories of young people from poor backgrounds that are changing their lives through education and employment with our support.

From left to right: Katarina Sæterdal, member of BNCC and Dream Learn Work Board of Director, Nara Borges, from Statoil, Michael Klem, CEO of Karanba, Iris Frøybu, Secretary and member of Dream Learn Work Board of Directors and Terje Staaltrøm, Honorary Member of BNCC and President of the Board in DLW Norway (until Sept. 2015).

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Norwegian State Secretary Dilek Ayhan visit (May 2015) Ms. Dilek Ayhan, Norway’s Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, was the head of the Norwegian delegation going to Brasilia to the annual consultations in the Joint Economic Commission in May. During their time in Rio de Janeiro, Dream Learn Work has had the opportunity to present our work to Ms. Dilek Ayhan and her delegation at an event organized by Team Norway. Tommy Nilsen, founder and president of Projeto Karanba, the Norwegian state secretary Dilek Ayhan and DLW managing director Dagny Nome

Norwegian Royal Visit (November 2015) Dream Learn Work was invited to participate in His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Haakon official visit to Rio de Janeiro. We have organized graduation ceremony at VARD shipyard and HRH the Crown Prince Haakon has presented diplomas to five of our students that are employed at VARD in Niterói/RJ. We were very proud of our students as they prepared to receive and thank HRH Crown Prince Haakon. Present at the event were: Norwegian Minister of Industry and Trade, Ms. Monica Mæland, and VARD Chief Operation Officer Mr. Jan Brønsten.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

From left to right: Mr Ricardo Fernandes, Executive Director of ABRAN, Mrs Dagny Nome, DLW Managing Director, Mr Halvard Indland, DLW President, HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Ms. Monica Mæland, Norwegian Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Jan Brønsten VARD Chief Operation Officer, Tommy NIlsen, founder and president of Project Karanba. Participants: Edson Arthur da Silva Junior, Jarlesson Silva, Marcelo Barreto da Silva, Maxwell Domiciano Lira and Lucas Silva de Souza

• One of our participants presented His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Haakon with a work from the My Life My Dream photo exhibition. • All dignitaries mentioned DLW in their speeches • DLW was mentioned in an article by O Globo newspaper http:// g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2015/11/principe-norueguesprova-churrasco-de-bacalhau-na-zona-sul-do-rio.html • DLW in the BBC film about the Crown Prince visit which was published on their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/Kongehuset/ videos/10156802357415247/

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Ana CarboniBrito and Jeanette Lorvik at our DLW stand at the seminar.

Innovation Norway Business Seminar (November 2015) DLW was also invited to the business seminar organized by Innovation Norway and held at Sofitel. Norwegian and Brazilian authorities and the business sector met to discuss framework conditions and cooperation. It was an excellent opportunity to network with a number of Norwegian companies in the country, introduce our CSR project and

make contact.

Photo exhibition (November 2015) In 2014 we held an exhibition of the final works produced during the “My Life - My Dream” course at the Seamen’s Church in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 the exhibition was held at the Kongsberg Maritime office in Rio de Janeiro. It received the visit of the delegation of the Royal Visit.

ABRH na Praça - Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH) in the Square (November 2015) This is an yearly event organized by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH), where private and public sector organizations, human resources professionals and academics answer questions about work, careers and the job market. DLW invited and accompanied its participants on the day, giving guidance in how navigate the huge event, which is open to the general public. Students have also applied for jobs on the spot.

Christmas Lunch (December 2015) In order to show appreciation to DLW´s partners we have, once again organized, a Christmas lunch, inviting our main contacts and representatives from NGOs, marketing and law-firm, as well as the most important contacts from the schools. The lunch was greatly appreciated and a huge success. Cake baked by our culinary student Patriny for our Christmas Lunch

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

6. Financials

All figures in R$.

Notes: *Cost for English course is included in Training courses ** cost in NOK: 15,354, average currency rate: 1 BRL= 2,43 NOK *** Funds transferred in December 2015 and received in January 2016 In 2014 DLW sent a new application for financial support for 2014-15 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway (MFA). In November the same year, DLW received a positive reply, and the application for NOK 1.320.000 was approved. This support is for 2 years, and will be paid out in 2 portions. One was received in December 2014, and has been transferred in May 2015. Even though there was an increase in the total donations from companies in Brazil in 2015, this might not be sustainable as the general downturn in the DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

market worsens. Two application for funds to foundations were completed and unsuccessful. We have started planning the development of a more diversified range of financial contributors, building relationships with other sectors, such as renewable energy, hospitality, manufacture, etc. to improve prospects. In 2015 DLW spent 18% on administration (based on the total cost for the year), the rest of the funds were spent directly towards the students and the educational program. This is a 5% decrease from 2014 admin costs (23%). As from October 2015 we started with a full working team - 4 full time employees and 1 part-time. A further decrease in this figure is expected for 2016, as we improve organizational and administrative efficiency. The total and official financial report for Dream Learn Work Brazil and Dream Learn Work Norway can be forwarded upon request. Accounting DLW use recognized accounting companies both in Norway and Brazil, and all reports are filed according to local laws and regulations in both countries. Brazil: Accounting: ADV (Advanced Controlling Systems Contabilidade e Consultoria S/C LTDA) Law-firm: KINCAID Mendes Vianna Advogados Norway: Accounting firm: internal - Iris B. Frøybu (2015) Financial audit: PWC (2014/15)

7. Administration

7.1. OSCIP

As an “OSCIP” registered NGO financial contributors can obtain the right to deduct the contributions from the taxable income. This year renewal of our OSCIP registration has been slightly delayed due to issues regarding necessary documentation. This has been resolved and registration is under its way. As an OSCIP we are recognized as a “proper” NGO, we can apply for public funding in Brazil, and it is seen as a proof of a well managed organization. DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

7.2. Organizational Development

We were in need of organizational development, in order to further professionalize the organization, and to increase efficiency. In addition to OSCIP, the following activities have been implemented for this purpose:


• Google Drive has been successfully implemented with Dropbox files transferred and accessible. • One archive for management documentation, such as organizationand function descriptions, organization charts, processes, routines and policies, reports etc.


• We have signed up to Insightly, an online Customer Relationship & Project Management Software. There we have registered all of our participants, courses, schools, NGOs and corporate partners. Today we able to manage information conveniently and efficiently.

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

8. Organization Board in Norway

Terje Staalstrøm, (until October) Harald Martinsen, Hamart Katarina Sætersdal, NHO Jan Ivar Nielsen, VARD (until 9th July) Halvard Idland, Pareto Securities Paulo Guimaraes (until 18th March) Elina Suoma Tomren Toivanen (until 18th March) Iris B. Frøybu (secretary)

Board in Brazil

Halvard Idland, Pareto Securities Arne Christian Haukeland, DNB Alexander Tischendorf, Teekay Alexandre Imperial, DNV GL Helle Klem, General Consul (until July 2015) André Leite, Statoil (from 2015) Dagny M. Nome (secretary) (from Feb 2015)

Daily operation


Iris B. Froybu, taking over from Elina Tomren (from Feb. 2015)


• Iris B. Frøybu, General Manager (until 31st of January) • Dagny Nome, General Manager (from 1st of February - changed from Manager Corporate Partnerships and Communications) • Yasmim Nogueira, Student and NGO contact • Anders Berntsen, short-term project manager, implementation of Insightly and CV-database (until 31st of January) • Jeanette Lorvik, Project Manager Education and Communication (from 1st September 2015) • Ana Luiza Carboni-Brito, Recruitment Coordinator (from 1st of August) • Betina Lauritzen, part-time Project Manager Education and Fundraising (from 1st October 2015) DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Rio de Janeiro, 20th April 2016 DLW Brazil Board

______________________________ Halvard Idland, President

____________________________ Alexander Tischendorf

______________________________ Arne Chr. Haukeland

______________________________ Alexandre Imperial

______________________________ Andre Leite

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DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015


9.1. ANNEX I Course Overview from June 2013 onwards

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

9.2. ANNEX II - Social Partners Bola pra Frente Established in 2000 (Guadalupe), our first social partner in Rio de Janeiro. Supports approx. 1000 children age 6-17 and their families through activities within sports (mainly football), education, arts, culture and professional qualification. http://www.bolaprafrente.org.br/pages/quemsomos_perfil.asp

Recruited in 2015: 35 Karanba Established in 2006 (Main: São Gonçalo, and 8 centers in south and north part of Rio), supports today approx 1200 children and youngsters age 6-25 offering activities within sports, mainly football. The goal is to create opportunity for a better life, and to strengthen and build community relationships, encourage personal development and promoting positive values and attitudes. http://www.karanba.com/

Recruited in 2015: 51 Abrigo Rainha Silvia Abrigo Rainha Silvia (Itaboraí) was established in 1989, and is a shelter for pregnant women and their children. The goals are distinct and long term; to help the women to help themselves, through studies and responsibilities change the future for themselves and their kids. http://abrigo.se/om-oss/information/

Recruited in 2015: 15 Fenase Fenase (Piratininga, Niteroi) was established in 1994 and offers activities for children age 5-14, primarily social assistance, homework support, playgroups etc. They also offer course for waiters for participants age 16-20. DLW has recruited students from Fenase since 2013. http://www.fenase.org.br

Recruited in 2015: 1 IRS – Instituto Rogerio Steinberg Established in 1997 (Leblon). Focus on identifying and developing children with special talents and high motivation, from families with limited financial capacities. Cooperating with specialists and institutions in many areas, the organization has until today assisted 32 000 participants, and many of their students conclude with graduation from acknowledged universities. http://www.irs.org.br/instituto/quemsomos.asp

Recruited in 2015: 2 DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Luta Pela Paz (LPP) - NEW Established in 2000 at Complexo da Mare - a favela complex, it uses boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realise the potential of young people in communities affected by crime and violence http://fightforpeace.net/pt-br/rio-de-janeiro/

Recruited in 2015: 6

9.3. ANNEX III - Educational Partners SENAI Senai, the National Industrial Training Service, part of Firjan (the Industrial Federation) and responsible for most of the technical qualifying courses in Brazil, and now also offering degrees and postgraduate courses. They have an extensive catalogue of courses relevants to the manufacturing/production industries, providing different levels of qualification within all areas, from a large number of schools. SENAI is recognized as the best institution for this type of education in Brazil. http://www.portaldaindustria.com.br/senai/

Level 1 courses: 49 Level 2 courses: 19 Level 3 courses: 4 SENAC The National Service for Commercial Education (Senac) has been, since its creation by the National Confederation of Goods Trade, Services and Tourism (CNC) in 1946, the main agent of education to the goods trade, services and tourism industries. Senac also has a large catalogue of courses and it is recognised by all sectors and industries. http://www.senac.br/

Level 1 courses: 19 Level 2 courses: 4 Level 3 courses: 0 ESCOLA TECNICA ELECTRA ELECTRA provides education within a number of disciplines from short qualification courses to vocational technical courses. Their focus are vocational courses in the following areas: Industrial Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics (Industrial Information Technology), Telecom, Oil & Gas and Health & Safety. http://www.escolaelectra.com.br/ielectra/

Level 1 courses: 6 Level 2 courses: 2 Level 3 courses: 2

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

ICBEU – Instituto Cultural Brasil – Estados Unidos Is a language school specialized in English courses on all levels from basic to advanced. http://icbeuonline.com.br/

Course seats: 27 LANGUAGE CONSULTORIA Specializes in English courses on all levels from basic to advanced. http://languageconsultoria.com.br/

Course seats: 12 LINK LANGUAGES Specializes in English courses on all levels from basic to advanced. http://www.linklanguages.com.br/index.html

Course seats: 17

CIAGA (CENTRO DE INSTRUÇÃO ALMIRANTE GRAÇA ARANHA) – BRAZILIAN NAVY CIAGA is responsible for educating personnel for all kinds of vessels in Brazil. http://www.mar.mil.br/ciaga/ingles/index.htm

(We have not been able to provide these courses in 2015) Universities In addition to these institutions, we had 4 students at university (UNISUAM and Anhanguera), of which 2 are sponsored by DLW . We expect this number to increase in 2016. Anhanguera - Mechanical engineering 1st year UNISUAM - Mechanical engineering 2nd year Schools that have been used in special circumstances: Cursos Industriais C&C NR-10 certification Level 2 course: 1 SETOR 5 :: estúdio/ateliê My Life - My Dream project Course seats: 18

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015

Senes Supletivo Level 2 course: 1 Petrosolda Welding Inspector Level 2 course: 1 Waterservices Civil firefighter Level 2 course: 1

DREAM LEARN WORK Annual Report 2015


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WELCOME This is the annual report of Dream Learn Work. It provides an overview of our program activities in 2015, covering all the work developed on ...

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