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See how employee personality can predict performance

Would you relish the opportunity to identify how the personality of employees predicts their professional performance? OPP is looking for organisations to join us in our 16PF® project. We will administer questionnaires to staff and managers and generate a business-focused report, giving you greater insight into personality and performance in your workplace. And it’s all free of charge. The benefits are not all one-way, of course. Your participation will enable us to further our research, gathering data that underlines the effectiveness of the 16PF questionnaire as a predictor of job performance.

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Benefits of taking part A free service to aid performance and improve recruitment A business-focused research report highlighting personality factors and business competencies central to your organisation Individual, personal reports for each participant Insight into how competencies link to work performance A summary of the most common personality characteristics found in certain roles, positions and departments, and suggestions on how they may influence the overall performance of these departments Clarification of known strengths and identification of unknown strengths in your employees

Business issues addressed Guiding current selection, promotion and employee development systems Developing clear decision rules to make recruitment more efficient and more effective Identifying issues relating to fairness and diversity Informing development programmes with employees

What are we looking for? 50+ employees to form the research sample Ideally, 50+ employees per role/position/department Personality ratings for these employees, as measured by the 16PF personality questionnaire Performance measures – all managers will rate their direct reports on a series of competency scales provided by OPP

What type of data could be useful? Data on the individual (age, gender, etc) 16PF personality questionnaire responses Ability scores ‘Soft’ job performance data, eg manager ratings, self-rating, appraisal or 360 feedback ratings Tangible performance data (eg sales, promotions) Information on what are seen as essential competencies for different roles We are always keen to promote our analysis and research efforts, and would be delighted if we could name the organisations involved in the project. OPP will, however, guarantee anonymity if required.

OPP is the publisher of the 16PF® instrument, and a global provider of expertise in personality. With headquarters in the UK, we publish some of the world’s leading personality assessments, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the FIRO® tool. tel: 0845 6039958 email: [email protected]


See how employee personality can predict performance - OPP

®® See how employee personality can predict performance Would you relish the opportunity to identify how the personality of employees predicts thei...

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