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G E T O U R M E N U P L A N A N D S H O P P I N G L I S T E M A I L E D T O Y O U E A C H W E E K !








We know how hard it can be to get dinner on the table and that?s exactly why we created the Six Sisters? Menu Plan program! We offer several menu options so you can find the plan that works best for your list that will make shopping a breeze! Each plan includes 6 main dish, 2 side dish, 2 dessert, and optional side dish recipes. We?ve done all the busy work for you, so you just need to shop and cook!



family. Each week you will receive a menu plan and detailed shopping


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Six Sisters' Stuff | Six Sisters

G E T O U R M E N U P L A N A N D S H O P P I N G L I S T E M A I L E D T O Y O U E A C H W E E K ! (H TTP://SIXSISTER SMEN U PLA N .C OM) (http:...

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