Stevensons Solicitors - An Introduction


Stevensons specialise in property law particularly that relating to Landlord & Tenant. The Principal of the practice holds a specialist diploma in Advanced Legal Studies in Landlord & Tenant Law. We pride ourselves in paying great attention to detail but at the same time always being aware of the 'bigger picture'. Stevensons act for a broad spectrum of property investors ranging from private individual investors up to highly sophisticated off shore investment vehicles. We have acted for Landlords in respect of portfolios ranging from a single property to 110,000 properties. Portfolio prices have varied from a few thousand pounds up to over £50m.

This practice is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The rules can be accessed on VAT reg no 576498576

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Stevensons Solicitors - An Introduction

Stevensons specialise in property law particularly that relating to Landlord & Tenant. The Principal of the practice holds a specialist diploma in Adv...

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