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1994 Article

Zhibiao Wu National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore Martha Palmer University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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Published in: · Proceeding ACL '94 Proceedings of the 32nd annual meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics Pages 133-138


Bibliometrics · Citation Count: 618 · Downloads (cumulative): 4,515 · Downloads (12 Months): 690 · Downloads (6 Weeks): 59

Las Cruces, New Mexico — June 27 - 30, 1994 Association for Computational Linguistics Stroudsburg, PA, USA ©1994 table of contents doi> 10.3115/981732.981751

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This paper will focus on the semantic representation of verbs in computer systems and its impact on lexical selection problems in machine translation (MT). Two groups of English and Chinese verbs are examined to show that lexical selection must be based on interpretation of the sentences as well as selection restrictions placed on the verb arguments. A novel representation scheme is suggested, and is compared to representations with selection restrictions used in transfer-based MT. We see our approach as closely aligned with knowledge-based MT approaches (KBMT), and as a separate component that could be incorporated into existing systems. Examples and experimental results will show that, using this scheme, inexact matches can achieve correct lexical selection.

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Verbs semantics and lexical selection - ACM Digital Library

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