Week 6: JESUS (John 4:7-26) - Restoration Church


Week 6: JESUS (John 4:7-26) Getting Started Share with the group about a time when you felt really hungry or thirsty. What did you do to satisfy your hunger/thirst? (Be descriptive about the event)

About This Guide At Restoration Church, 'the Church' isn't the building we meet at on Sundays; instead, 'the Church' is the community of people, committed to regularly living out a Jesus-centered Way of Life. Now, in order for us to ensure that this Way of Life' is also Jesus-centered, it is vital that we live a life that is about learning Jesus -- his person, his life, and his mission. For this reason, a portion of this discussion guide is aimed at helping us discover Jesus together from the perspective of one of His closest disciples, the apostle John.

Biblical Text 7 When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?” 8 (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.) 9 The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.) 10 Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” 11 “Sir,” the woman said, “you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water? 12 Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well and drank from it himself, as did also his sons and his flocks and herds?” 13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” 15 The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.” 16 He told her, “Go, call your husband and come back.” 17 “I have no husband,” she replied. Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. 18 The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.” 19 “Sir,” the woman said, “I can see that you are a prophet. 20 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.” 21 Jesus declared, “Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” 25 The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” 26 Then Jesus declared, “I who speak to you am he.” [John 4:7-26; NIV]

For Discussion In your group, consider the following and unpack this rhythm together:

UP ● As you listened ​ and read ​ this passage, what are some ​thoughts, ​feelings, or ​questions that come to ​ mind? What was ​encouraging? What was ​convicting? ● What new thing(s) have you learned about Jesus through this text? ● In what way(s) does this passage connects to Restoration Church’s Mission (“​joining God in the restoration of all things”) and/or ​ Way of Life (​Recreate, Listen, Gather, Give, B.L.E.S.S.)? Explain your answer. ● If applicable, how is God personally challenging you to grow in a Jesus-centered Way of Life as a result of this discussion?

IN ● Share a ​High and a ​Low from your week with the group. ● Pray for each other. ​(format this time in a way that works for your group)

OUT ● INDIVIDUAL​: ​How have you B.L.E.S.S.ed your neighbors since the last time we met? ○ B - Have you been praying for a divine appointment? How has God been answering your prayer? ○ L - How have you been taking time to listen to your neighbors? Who/where has God been leading you to listen to in your neighborhood? ○ E - Have you had a meal with someone who doesn’t attend any church? ○ S - How has God been leading you to serve your neighbors? ○ S - Have you had the chance to share your Restoration Story with someone recently? How did God use your story in this interaction? ● GROUP​: ​Plan how you will B.L.E.S.S. the community together. Feel free to use the Celebrate and/or Serve ideas below or present your own ideas to the group. ○ Celebrate Events: cookouts, social gatherings in homes, block-parties, joining community celebrations like parades, fireworks, and concerts, etc. ○ Serve Events: volunteering with the local schools, cleaning up the neighborhood, volunteering with local events, serving together at a local charity, etc.

Notes & Commitments Jot down some notes and thoughts about how you may commit to this rhythm.


Week 6: JESUS (John 4:7-26) - Restoration Church

Week 6: JESUS (John 4:7-26) Getting Started Share with the group about a time when you felt really hungry or thirsty. What did you do to satisfy your ...

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