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Office 2016 Professional Plus - Only $54 Hurry Sale Ends Today Mail Merge Feature

In actual work, we often need to edit a lot of the same format; the data fields are the same, but the content is different and each record file needs to be documented separately, such as e-mail, payroll, mass production of labels and so on. Using the "Mail Merge" provided by Kingsoft Office you can quickly deal with this kind of special documents, and greatly improve work efficiency. Meanwhile, using this function you can also mass-produce tabs, pay slips, transcripts, etc. Methods of operation: Step 1. Create a file to use for mail merge, such as et table, txt format text file, Access database file and so on. Step 2. Under the Reference tab, choose Mail Merge, then bring up the Mailing tab. Click Open Data Source and select the data source you want to open, as shown below:

Step 3. Under the Mailing tab, click Insert Merge Field to open the Insert Field dialog, as shown below:

Step 4. Select the data fields you want to insert. Step 5. Click the Insert button to complete the mail merge Step 6. Under the Mailing tab, click Mail Merge Recipients. In the dialog box, select the recipients you want to send the document to, and then you can send the merged email. Note: 1. Mail merge feature of Kingsoft Office derives from the default mail client. Therefore, before using the mail merge to send mail, you should set the default mail handler. 2. To use data sourcing in mail merge, you need to create the data sourcing first. The data source supports the import of ODBC data, and supports partial selection or entire selection of the content as well as clear choice and refresh. Import of a database also supports directly importing to Excel and ET table. The data used in mail merge can be processed by text into merge, imported into a recognizable text list, and can be edited and modified. 3. In the specific operation of Mail Merge feature, there are many items that can be set; for example: the data source import, domain mappings, and data matching including automatic matching, user-defined matching and other options.

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WPS Office | Mail Merge Feature

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